Cashmere Bliss Fingerless Gloves

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Color Beige

Slip into these extremely luscious 100% authentic cashmere made fingerless mittens. Made with care inside our signature regal shops, these cashmere mittens offer a light and warm experience unlike any other. We use cashmere only to make our mittens and gloves because they provide the warmest of warmth's compared to any other material. Alongside this cashmere also has a natural flexible and stretchiness to it allowing these mittens to wrap themselves around any handshape tightly for a cozy and snug fit.

  • 100% Authentic Cashmere 
  • Snug and Flexible Fit
  • The warmest material available
  • Fits almost every hand type 
  • 14day-shipping to most countries!

ONE SIZE : Width: ≈ 7.5 CM  Length: ≈ 18 CM

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